The hybrid and virtual event platform to help you engage and inform.


We've made it easy to customise the platform so that it compliments your branding perfectly.

Live Engagement

Using Zoom's native features you can easily engage with the event host and participants.

Personalised Areas

Each participant has their own personalised area to discover content they are interested in.

Rewards System

The built in rewards system keeps attendees engaged throughout the duration of your event.

A few reasons why you should choose Connect.

Our team will sit down and build a package that is right for you, and we will hold your hand throughout the entire process, from idea to production.

We have technical moderators available to you to run your event. They have knowledge of a variety of industries from Semiconductors and Power to Solar, Datacentres and Water.

We are event organisers who have developed the platform. We know how events work!

About Connect

As the coronavirus pandemic gained momentum in March 2019, governments across the world introduced a variety of lockdown measures which had a massive, negative impact on many industry sectors. None more so than the events industry. Conferences, seminars, exhibitions all closed down.

Ever resilient, events companies looked at moving their physical events online, and the virtual event 'gold rush' was born. However, as many organisations discovered, many, if not all, of the available off-the-shelf event platform software packages were far from flexible, and the after sales support left much to be desired.

Having investigated a number of these virtual event platforms, and found them wanting, Angel Business Communications, a major UK-based event organiser, decided to build its own solution. Called "Connect", this virtual event platform has already been used by the company to host several its own highly successful events.

Virtual Event Team

Meet the team behind our virtual events and connect with them today!

Contact Us

Sukhi Bhadal


Joined 2002

Scott Adams


Joined 2002

Alex Mayo

Multimedia Manager

Joined 2016

If you like what you see, let's work together.

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