The second of our three series of Managed Services Summit events took London by storm this week, proving once again to be the epicentre of thought leadership in the ever-evolving Managed Service Provider (MSP) landscape. With a laser focus on two pivotal tracks: business and technology. Themes of leadership, security, AI, and growth arose throughout the day. This year's summit was an unmissable event that left attendees with a wealth of insights and strategies to tackle the challenges of the modern MSP world.

A Gathering of Minds

Amidst the challenges of an ever-growing market, the Managed Service Summit shone brightly as a guiding light, illuminating the path for more than 250 industry delegates. This extraordinary gathering seamlessly united MSP leaders, tech luminaries, and forward-thinking visionaries, all driven by a shared eagerness to exchange their valuable perspectives and wisdom.

Capitalising on New Opportunities

One of the standout features of the summit was its unwavering commitment to exploring new opportunities within the MSP sector. In a world where technology is in a constant state of flux, the summit provided a platform for attendees to dissect the latest trends and identify where untapped potential lies. The event's rich content, including thought-provoking panel discussions and 24 insightful presentations from industry specialists, gave attendees a roadmap to navigate the dynamic landscape successfully.

Voices of Wisdom

The summit was graced by the presence of renowned figures who shared their invaluable insights. Olympic legend Sally Gunnell OBE and business leader Mary Hunter headlined the event as keynote speakers. Sally’s perspectives on leadership and achieving excellence transcended the boundaries of the sports arena and resonated with the challenges faced by MSP leaders. Mary’s keynote captivated the audience with her illuminating energy. With a focus on the fundamental pillars of effective leadership, Mary delved into the art of cultivating a positive mindset, harnessing personal energy, and inspiring and empowering teams. Her session provided actionable strategies that left attendees inspired to lead with impact and poised for success in the ever-evolving landscape of managed services. Mary's insights were a true highlight of the summit, leaving a lasting impression on all who had the privilege of hearing her speak. Their experiences were a source of inspiration for all in attendance.

A Community of Collaborators

Networking was at the heart and soul of all the Managed Service Summits. With support from 46 sponsors, the event provided ample opportunities for attendees to forge new connections and explore potential business partnerships. As Greg Jones, the VP of Business Development for Kaseya in EMEA, one of the Platinum Sponsors, aptly put it, "It's about that community spirit, strength in numbers, education, training, and development." The summit exemplified the power of collaboration within the MSP community.

Looking to the Future

As the curtains close on the 13th annual Managed Service Summit in London, the stage is set for the grand finale of 2023, the Managed Services Summit North, to be held in Manchester on November 21. This final event of the year promises to be another enlightening gathering of MSP professionals, offering fresh perspectives, cutting-edge insights, and opportunities for forging meaningful connections.

The 13th annual Managed Service Summit in London was an event that showcased the resilience, adaptability, and innovation within the MSP sector. It demonstrated that in a world of rapid technological advancement and market saturation, collaboration and shared knowledge are the keys to thriving. As the MSP community eagerly awaits the next summit, one thing is certain: the lessons learned and connections made in London will continue to reverberate in the ever-evolving world of managed services.

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